“Poisons in the Premodern World.” Encyclopedia of the History of Science (May, 2021).

This article surveys the history of poisons in premodern China and Europe. It reviews the existing literature on the study of poisons and offers comparative insights into the foundational ideas of poisons in China and Europe as well as their connections to disease, alchemy, politics, and gender.

“Fluid Being: Mercury in Chinese Medicine and Alchemy.” Co-authored with Shigehisa Kuriyama, in Fluid Matter(s): Flow and Transformation in the History of the Body, edited by Natalie Köhle and Shigehisa Kuriyama. Asian Studies Monograph Series 14. Canberra, Australian National University Press, 2020.

This article explores the history of mercury in Chinese medicine and alchemy. It highlights the transformative power of mercury, making it a key substance in the cure of sickness and in imparting immortality. The article employs a digital platform called “Shorthand” that integrates words and images with interactive features.

“Words, Demons, and Illness: Incantatory Healing in Medieval China.” Asian Medicine 14 (2019): 1-29.

This article investigates the prominent practice of incantatory healing in medieval China. By a close study of the incantation remedies of the famous Tang physician Sun Simiao (ca. 581–682), I identified an etiological eclecticism that encompassed both views of illness as demonic attack and as dysfunction of the body. The two etiologies, I contend, often worked in a linked and dynamic fashion in Sun’s medical practice.

“Poisonous Medicine in Ancient China.” In History of Toxicology and Environmental Health Series: Toxicology in Antiquity, edited by Philip Wexler, second edition (Elsevier/Academic Press, 2019), 431-39.

This article examines the culture of poisons in ancient China, identifying their dual roles in healing and killing. It further compares ancient Chinese and Greek pharmacies, revealing both similarities and divergence in the understanding of poisons.

Book review of Chin Shih-chi, Zhongguo gudai de yixue yishi yu zhengzhi [Medicine, Medical History, and Politics in Ancient China]. East Asian Science, Technology and Society 7.1 (2013): 159-63.

Public Writings

“Understanding Efficacy (yan) in Tang China” Asian Medicine Zone, Sept. 1, 2019

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